To become a client

To become a client

Your Digistal formula

The digistal formula consists of :

  • The creation of your website with 3 pages presenting your business
  • A personalised catalogue of your horses which you can modify anytime
  • The registration and management of you own domain name “”
  • The creation of an email address such as ""
  • The referencing and follow up of your website in the main search engines

Start-up fee : 450 £

Subscription fee

The price of your Digistal formula does depend of the amount of horses that your catalogue allows you to display. This way, you can modify your subscription every month according to your needs.
You can vary you subscription every month, depending on your needs.

The options

News items

250 £HT

The best way to make your website come alive. You can update them as often as you like.

Multilingual site

2 languages + 20 £/month

3 languages + 30 £/month

4 langues + 40 £/month

5 languages + 50 £/month

These prices include the implementation of the translated contents on your website and the matching referencing.If you cannot provide us with your own translations, we can do it for you using our team of specialists (additional cost on demand).

Photo Album

250 £

Illustrate your website freely with this option which allows you to publish interactive pictures, that can be endlessly updated.

Additional pages

We can add extra pages and tools to your website to detail your business and offer more services to your visitors (please ask for a quote).

Photos and videos

If you don’t have any photos to illustrate your website, our team is available with the best technical equipment to produce pictures and videos for you (please ask for a quote).

The graphic charter

Our professional graphic designer can modify the graphic charter of your website to give you all the necessary communication tools (headed paper, any promotional materials..please ask for a quote).

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