Digistal system

Digistal system

Your Digistal website

A fully comprehensive website, delivered to you ready for action
It will comprise the description of your business, as well as a catalogue of your horses for sale, easy for you to manage from your home or office.
Each horse entry will consist of a photograph or/and video and a full description including bloodlines.

Your website updated in real time

As your business changes, horses come and go, and your internet website must follow.

And with Digistal, your horses roster is always up to date.

You manage your catalogue of horses and your news through a secure administrative interface accessible by your own login and password. This allows you to add, erase or modify your horse entries the easiest way from any internet connection in the world.

The videos of your horses on your website

Digistal provides you with the best techniques to process and display your videos on the internet.

Publishing the videos of your horses on YOUR own website dispenses with the need to send videos through the post to prospective buyers. This will save you time and money, enabling any client to view all your horses from his own home.

Visibility and Networking

Our network and technologies guarantee to maximise the number of target visitors to your website.

Our optimising skills will ensure the best positioning of your website on all search engines, based on the keywords linked to your business.

All active elements of your website (such as horses, news, updates…) will be disseminated through our network of associated websites guaranteeing you the maximum visibility.

Digistal also provides you with an array of statistical tools.

A flexible and affordable formula, commitment free

  • No initial investment

    The Digistal system is based on subscription. The fees are all inclusive, you manage your budget, there are no surprises.

  • Affordable formulas

    The Digistal package starts at 100, euros per month, all inclusive!

  • No commitment

    Digistal leave the duration of our working relationship up to you. There is no time commitment.

  • The quickest setup

    Whichever formula you choose, Digistal commits to have your website ready to go within a week (once you provided all the data and okayed the layout).

Dependable follow up and assistance

Follow up

Your website is constantly evolving. The Digistal Team is commited to constantly improve their system for the benefit of all subscribers and visitors. As you are the actors of the equine industry, we take notice of all your ideas and suggestions to provide you with the best service evolving to anticipate your future needs.


The Digistal team promises to always be there for you, do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone.